Robert Geshlider’s Kooky 3D Printed Art

Like a Brightly Colored Cross between Dali and 70’s Mexican Muralists, in 3D….
San Francisco based artist Robert Geshlider has been producing a series of works using Solidworks and a 3D printer. What is really interesting is that instead of math-geek sculptures Geshlider is pushing 2D painting into 3D forms with a slightly hallucinogenic sense of humor.

All of these sculptures were made on a multicolor 3d printer. The shapes & colors are first drawn on a computer using 3d CAD software and the file is then exported to the printer. The printer uses an inkjet head to deposit colored glue onto a bed of powdered plaster. The parts are built up layer by layer, in .004″ increments. This printing technology is part of a field known as Rapid Prototyping, and was initially developed for product development.
I trained as a painter in the early 80s and have wide visual interests from Persian miniatures to R. Crumb. Using digital technology to fabricate sculptures helps to resolve a number of design issues while creating others.


It is so good to see something a little more loose coming out of what is basically 3D engineering software. I can just imagine Robert at his local Solidworks User Group meeting, sharing his outcomes with a bunch of guys doing air conditioning ducts and pedestal fans.

via Fabaloo

wow…so cool…

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