Modular and Expandable Screen System
MODULARI is a wide array of lacy cascading panels that can be used as room dividers, curtains, or anywhere you need a bit of a screen.
Kiril Kirov of RazortoothDesign created a system of interlocking tiles that form expandable screens. A box of 18 Modulari Architect tiles makes a 31-by-62-inch partition that can be hung from the wall or the ceiling. The swirl, leaf and drop motifs are available in white, peach, avocado and black.
MODULARI screens are made from EVA; Ethyl Vinyl Acetate mixed with a Calcium Carbonate filler. This material is widely used in the sports, toy and car industry. It is a non-toxic, lightweight, UV stable material, which is easy to clean, by using soap and warm water. The material has a temperature range of -2.2°F to 320°F. No acid or chemical will affect the material and it will only burn at approximately 752°F.
The EVA used in MODULARI is custom made, to accomplish the requirements for the screen. The material has a memory and when bent or crunched it will go back to its original shape. It is tough and yet lightweight, in order to create the perfect balance of strength and weight for the screen. Due to the modular nature of our designs MODULARI is easy to store if not in use.

MODULARI was designed in Brooklyn New York. All aspects of production including packaging are made in South Africa.

Available from several stores in the US or via there online stores here (and here for Japanese)

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These pieces are die cut not laser cut. Part of the point is that the system is made of small identical pieces, which can easily be mass produced. There is no way they could get the price point they do with laser cutting. This is very traditional manufacturing, made in the thousands to reduce costs.

I stand corrected

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