Murakami Chair: Power Generating Rocker

by Rochus Jacob
A fantastic concept, beautifully executed with refined aesthetics and winner of the Incheon International Design Awards (iida 2009) green life. The chair uses the rocking motion of the sitter to generate power to run a reading lamp. I do hope Rochus Jacob intends the reader to delve into my favorite author Haruki Murakami the master of post modern, magical realism.

I was looking for opportunities to generate energy through activities we naturally do. The final result is a rocking chair that enables the user to experience production and consumption of electricity in a gentle and rewarding way. An abstract process becomes tangible and eventually cultivates natural awareness. Complexity is covered by simplicity. Advanced nano-dynamo technology which is built in to the skids of the chair and more efficient light sources such as the newly developed OLED generation makes it possible to build a rocking chair with a reading lamp running on electricity generated from the rocking motion. During daylight the energy gets stored in a battery pack. The construction of the flat and bendable organic light emitting diodes allows new form factors such as using the traditional shape of a lamp but instead of having a light bulb the lampshade himself turns out to be the light source. To have a drastic reduction of consumption the big challenge will be to make consuming less feel like getting more.

Congratulations on a fantastic concept

“This is the extent of his knowledge of the sea: it was very big, it was salty, and fish lived there.”
:: Haruki Murakami (Kafka on the Shore)

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To quote Wikipedia, “the siter and celempung are plucked string instruments used in Javanese gamelan.”

It would be interesting if this chair were powered by a Javanese string instrument, but I think you meant “sitter” . . .

. . . doesn’t your web browser underline misspelled words?


Harry Dekker

Looks a bit silly to me. Especially when you are opposite a person in this chair. A constantly moving beacon in the room isn’t very relaxing. The designer should consider a normal floor standing lamp with a power cord attached to the chair. I agree, it’s not a very beautyful solution…..

    Hi Harry,

    I think the idea is you rock, then read.
    Don’t know about you but I think I would get motion sickness if I was rocking and reading..

Oh, and thanks Daniel
No my browser does not underline misspelled words, or, poor grammar.

I am however a fan of Balinese gamelan, (woah, my browser just underlined gamelan) not sure if the Balinese use the siter.


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