CHITCHAT — Public Furniture Designed to Inspire Social Interaction

Sweet outdoor seating concept by Teun Fleskens
Waiting in public spaces always could be more fun with CHITCHAT.
A swinging seat from multiplex or polyester for one to seven people. If you take a seat, you bring the furniture and everyone who is sitting on it in motion. This almost always leads to interaction. It has something surprising and you get to talk about it to your neighbour. Strangers are searching together for the best balance. The ice breaks, the atmosphere improves and the waiting is less boring. The “rocking trees” in the middle provide a playful effect, especially with more CHITCHATS in one space.


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If kids find this, it quickly stops becoming a seat and becomes a playground.

Jon @

Love it! Of course, in the USA, people might sit on the ground to avoid having to interact with strangers…

Would be interesting to see an unsuspecting skateboarder mount for a rail slide?

Or two for a synchronized balance approach.

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