How long will USA orders take to ship?

With help from a handy-dandy UPS map…

I just wanted to share with you this map we’ve been provided from UPS:
Shipping Time USA

If you’re a USA-based Ponoko user uncertain of the usual shipping time for your orders, this is probably the easiest reference to help.

We’ve certainly been referring to it – now you can too. =)

See full details of our making and delivery timeframes.

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patricia lovell

Please start offering more shipping options. I have been waiting for UPS to deliver my package for 5 days now. I do not have the time to wait from 10 am to 7 pm to sign for the package and would like the USPS option of picking up at the post office.
Impatient New Yorkers need love too.

Hello Patricia! I’m very sorry to hear that getting your order delivered has been such a pain.

If there is perhaps an alternate address we can have your package delivered to where people are available to collect throughout the day, just let us know via email and we’ll contact UPS.

I’ll talk to the team regarding offering more shipping options. There are undoubtedly a number of advantages to doing so – implementing that system is rather complex, however, and may take some time.

Thanks for your understanding in the meantime. =)

Hi, sorry to dig up this old post, but are you still producing things in your us office? I tried to build some laser cut acrylic and it defaulted to $75 shipping from nz. Am I doing something wrong?


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