Two Story Lego House

Fully functional house constructed from Lego Bricks

James May, one of the presenters of the UK series Top Gear has combined his passion for Lego and his leverage of mass media to get over 1,200 people to build the two-story home of his dreams in Dorking, UK, entirely out of Lego. Part of a new BBC series James May’s Toy Stories, the house will be built from more than 3 million Lego pieces with Lego furniture and even a flushing Lego lavatory. Upon completion the UK TV star has vowed to live in when it is finished.

‘I’m planning to stay there for two or three days, or until it falls down – whichever is sooner. I’m pretty relaxed about it, but will just have to be careful moving around.
‘If I wake up buried under a pile of bricks, I’ll know it’s gone wrong.’

SHOWBIZ Lego 140307
I can just imagine programming this into Lego Factory and watching (virtual) smoke billow out of the software as it crashes trying to calculate the bricks to be used.

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Drew Gaffney

Does anyone know where in the US I can buy these giant-size Lego blocks, or something similar?

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