Get started making on less than $5

Using cardboard to test your design


Each time you make something new, you’ll want to test out stuff. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot.

And you’ll want to do this at the very least cost before committing to the final form and materials.

To do this for less than about 5 bucks (making and materials for something small and simple), start making with card.

3 reasons to use card:

1) The material itself is super cheap.

2) It cuts very fast, so the making cost is super low.

3) It’s light weight, so the shipping is super easy too.

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2 Responses to “Get started making on less than $5”

  1. Calvin Says:

    Is it only possible to get the cardboard cut in NZ? I tried quite unsuccessfully to use the us catalog. I live in Oaklandand don’t want to ship across the wield.


  2. Josh Judkins Says:

    Hi Calvin, you certainly can get the cardboard in Oakland as well – here is the US catalog with single & double layer cardboard at the top: