Create and Make – Print in 3D exhibition

mass customization via laser-sintering at Science Museum, London

OMI.MGX by Assa Ashuach for .MGX by Materialise

It is awesome to see more and more businesses and opportunities opening up to normalize mass customization. The greater the public awareness that these technologies are becoming available, the less people will accept mass produced, disposable products.

Rapid Manufacturing and Digital Forming technologies are showcased in a free event called “Create and Make” Print in 3D from 25 to 27 August, 2009, at the Science Museum, London.

From chairs and lamps to pens and lemon squeezers, 3D printers can make almost anything. See one of these incredible machines in action and get hands on with 3D printed products. Chat to scientists and designers about how 3D printing is going to change manufacturing forever.

Courtesy of EOS Electro Optical Systems, one of the world’s leading manufacturer of laser-sintering systems and De Montford University in Leicester, a laser-sintering system called FORMIGA P 100 will be in operation at the Museum. At the event visitors can experience how mass customization of a variety of personalized products today is already reality and can be expanded further into the future. As part of the event Digital Forming, provider of an online platform offering 3D software solutions for the mass customisation of designed lifestyle products, will present a software that allows users to view and personalise the product they are about to buy in 3D. As such the software extends the freedom of choice and creation laser-sintering is offering as a production process into the sphere of personalised design.

Digital forming is a new London based company set up to democratise the personalisation of everyday products.
As customers gradually demand greater freedom of choice, designers and brands are faced with new challenges in product diversity, responding through innovative product assembly strategies, 2D interactive pattern modification and coloring of predefined shapes. Digital forming novel technology offers the modification of products material behaviors, colour and form.
Digital Forming presents a software that allows users to view and personalise the products they are about to buy in a 3D online environment. An array of lifestyle consumer products can be rotated and spun within a virtual 3D space. These products can then be modified in real time – stretched, twisted, embossed, assembled – all with the simple movement of the mouse. Users can adjust form, choose colour and material, save designs in an online library, and purchase when ready for delivery within 2 weeks.

Materialise previously mentioned on the Ponoko blog here, here & here..

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I believe that the image at the top of your blog is the award-winning OMI.MGX by Assa Ashuach for .MGX by Materialise. Would you mind just giving the image the appropriate credit? Thanks! And thanks for the support behind 3D printing technologies! If you need any info about the technologies, don’t hesitate to let us know.

my apologies .MGX

post updated with appropriate credit.

please do send through any new projects, always interested to see what .MGX is up to.



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