Inefficient Sustainability – Design Philosophy Papers

This Issues Contributors Question Efficiency
Design Philosophy Papers is a free quarterly online journal (plus the option to purchase the annual book) with a passion to communicate, share and argue for a much greater recognition of importance of design as a force in the contemporary world. DPP aims to increase understanding of the significance of design by the wider intellectual community as well as by designers, and to raise the level of international debate about design.

This issue’s contributors including Tony Fry, Jamer Hunt & Alan Stoeki question sustainability and efficiency, something commonly regarded as “a good thing”, especially by designers and advocates of sustainable design. The basic principle of efficiency is to achieve the same, or better, outcomes by using less resources, less effort, less time. Seems to make sense? Not according to the contributors to this issue, who were all participants in the first New School Sustainability Design Philosophy Symposium convened by Cameron Tonkinwise in November 2008 at Parsons The New School for Design, New York.

Interesting articles take on preaching hair-shirt environmentalism, the omnipresent excess of excess and downcycling….

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