3D Filter: 3D Model Search Engine

Hundreds of Thousands of 3D Models Available to Download.
It seems that Tom Moor and crew from Cadyou (previously mentioned on Ponoko) have launched another great way to access 3D Models. 3Dfilter is a search engine for 3D models that gives you instant access to hundreds of thousands of 3D models, both free and to purchase. The search engine seems to trawl sites such as Cadyou, Google 3D warehouse, The 3D Studio and seven others for 3D models in a variety of formats as well as textures from six sites. A nice idea to aggregate models from various sources,
but searches can generate some random results. A search for wheat (don’t ask me why) turned up a wheat plant, a fire truck and a bagel among others.

It would be interesting to see what a search engine like this would pick up if it picked up only consumer produced designs from sites such as Ponoko, Shapeways, Thingiverse etc….

Anyone up to the challenge?

thanks Fabaloo

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    [...] Moor who is also responsible for Cadyou (previously mentioned on Ponoko blog) and 3DFilter (also on Ponoko blog) Square Polygon is in it’s infancy so there are not too many questions/answers posted yet, [...]