how to make your own rubber hose chair

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Wholman has posted a few great furniture designs on the instructables site including the crutch chair, the Nine Square Chair and now, the Rubber Hose Chair
This low lounger uses a couple of plywood profiles along with a few steel rods as separators and a length of rubber hose for tension. This is an interesting twist on a couple of previous posts where furniture was held in tension with cotton string such as the Extensions Series and the Tight Stool, along with the Zipit using cable ties.

The resulting chair does look comfortable if a little low, the bowing of the steel rods used is a little of a concern as is the thought of oxidizing rubber. But for $15 or $20 you have yourself a respectable and original chair…

Oh, and for those of you wondering what exactly the Crutch Chair looks like.

nice find contemporist.

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