USA Material Catalog Changes

Replacements, Removals & New AdditionsMaterials for: United StatesSome of you may have noticed that the USA Materials Catalog was adjusted on Friday. It was the first part of a two-step adjustment of what will be available from the Oakland hub moving forward.

When we launched the US hub just under two months ago, we had established relationships with a number of new local material suppliers. These suppliers made certain promises of what they could provide, and we posted our US catalog to reflect those assurances. Since then a few of these material sources have proved problematic. These problems came to a head at the end of last week when we were informed that some of the materials we were promised cannot be provided at all.

We have been able to find alternate sources for a few of these materials, but not all. The former have been repriced to adjust for the actual cost from the new supplier. The latter group have been removed from the selection.

I’m happy to say that the next part of this Catalog adjustment will be the addition of some materials many of you have been hoping for – as well as a new variety of 3mm Bamboo Ply to replace the old one. These additions are not far away, and I am told could be up on the site as early as next week.

You can rest assured that we are doing everything in our power to build solid and assured relationships with our new suppliers, and will continue to expand the range of materials you can make from with Ponoko.

Here is the full list of materials which have been repriced, removed or are about to be added:

Acrylic – Light Blue TINT – 4.5mm
Acrylic – Red – 6.0mm
Acrylic – Orange – 4.5mm
Acrylic – Red TINT – 4.5mm

Acrylic – Medium Blue TINT – 9.0mm
Acrylic – Blue – 9.0mm
Acrylic – Light Blue TINT – 9.0mm
Acrylic – Red – 9.0mm
Acrylic – Orange – 6.0mm
Acrylic – Orange – 9.0mm
Acrylic – Green – 6.0mm
Acrylic – Green – 9.0mm
Acrylic – Yellow – 9.0mm
Acrylic – Ivory – 9.0mm
Acrylic – Red TINT – 9.0mm
Bamboo Ply – 3.0mm

To Be Added:
Bamboo Ply (Blonde) – 3.0mm
Leather Russet
1/4″ Birch Veneer
1/4″ Cherry Veneer
1/4″ White Oak Veneer
1/4″ Walnut Veneer

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So if we recently ordered something in bamboo ply, will it not be made, or will it just be very delayed?


    Hi Melanie – I’m just about to write you a direct email now…

    It will actually be option #3 – it will be made in NZ with as little delay as possible. =)


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