Multitouch 3D modeling Interface by Spaceclaim

Amazing Intuitive Potential of Multitouch 3D CAD
You must check out this video just released by Spaceclaim (previously mentioned on Ponoko Blog) that shows a preview demonstration of modeling in 3D using a SpaceClaim’s prototype multi-touch user interface that will be added to SpaceClaim later this year.
This really exciting development for intuitive and expressive design is sure to be seen as an additional tool, but not a replacement (yet) for the mouse and keyboard we have all come to love, especially where detail, engineering and documentation are concerned. I can imagine it being extremely useful in meetings or client consultation to put together the basic form and proportions of a design, which you would then go back over and flesh out using more precise parameter controls.

I can’t wait to see what happens when emerging technologies like this meet up with online enablers such as Ponoko’s own Photomake.

Also check out SpaceClaiming, the Online Community for professionals, amateurs, and students excited about new CAD technologies.

via Greg Corke at Develop3D

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Thanks for the post, guys. Great timing because I am all a-giddy about receiving the parts you’re cutting for me right now. So psyched about the new US facility and new materials.

BTW, the next design I send you will have been designed in part using multi-touch.


swoon, multi touch designed ponoko parts.

I officially have design geek envy…..

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