3Dvia iPhone App on way

Ever wanted to access your 3D models on your iPhone, take a photograph of your surroundings, then place the 3D model in the photo? No, well at least now the option is on the horizon.

CEO Lynn Wilson spoke at #DSDEVCON09 and previewed an interesting new app for the iPhone that starts to integrate 3D Cad into the iPhone.

3DVIA Sure it is not the most creative application but this along with iTracer is at least a foot in the iPhone 3D door. I can see it’s use as a sales tool, if you were say an interior designer visiting a clients space and you wanted to show them how a piece of furniture would look in a given setting then you could give them a visual and I assume then email it to them (or mms on 3.0). I can not really see how anyone would really want to model on the iPhone anyway as it would be kinda awkward (very) and slow..

If you want to see a video of the app in action check out this post on youtube, and if you are interested in iTracer it is now available via iTunes Store.

iTracer is a 3D modeling and rendering application for the iPhone. With it you can build full 3D scenes and render images. The rendered images can then be saved to your Photos Library for later use by other applications. The multi-touch interface allows view scaling and panning at any time with simple pinch gestures. Translate, rotate and scale objects with simple touch movements that snap to an adaptative grid. Includes a full material editor with diffuse and specular components, opacity, refraction, reflection and self illumination. Shadows are cast from multiple lights and support transparent objects. Use procedural objects like spheres and boxes for infinite precision and faster rendering. Also supports generic triangle meshes with per-vertex normals. The included modeling interface allows you to create custom 3D meshes using extrusion and revolution surfaces. A full feature 2D curve editor makes it easy to create 2D shapes and fine tune its vertices by moving, adding and deleting vertices as needed.

via 3D Perspectives and SolidSmack via Develop 3D via Google

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Joe Anelle

Since iPhones currently support view .pdf docs. I think this would be very useful to be able to view a published 3DVia compser pdf file on the iPhone.
Is there a 3DVia PDF plugin for the iphone/iPod touch being developed?


I think you would see better results if there was an iPhone version of the 3DVIA Composer Player, rather than trying to display a 3D PDF file (not sure if that is even supported yet). This capability to use 3D is the first 3DVIA iPhone application, geared mostly for consumer usage (and also for fun). Not sure the iPhone has enough business-use penetration to develop a business application on it vs a tablet PC. But we continue to monitor this technology with a lot of interest!


hey guys, what’s new with these demos?
The iPhone app it is crappy copy of what already exist in the apple store since few months, you know iliving from a german company?

I don’t understand how DS can show a dev made during free time of a DS employee to a Dev conference. It is a good illustration of the poor r&d creativity.

thanks for the link Geroges,
I was not aware of the iliving app.
One of the problems is there are so many applications in the app store it is often hard to find the more interesting ones when fart composers become the biggest sellers and apps like iliving sink into the ‘long tail’ of relative obscurity…


iliving is crashing whenever I try and take a photo of a scene…

works fine with me on my 3.0 firmware.
I agree with you on App store, too much app to know each app.

If you want to view 3D models from the Google 3D Warehouse on your iPhone/iPod Touch, try NaviCAD. Disclaimer: I’m one of the developers 🙂

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