Knoend believe that design is a catalyst for change

Eco Design for Everyone
Knoend is a design innovation studio that believe that design is a catalyst for change and has the power to create new experiences that will bring enhanced meaning to life. Knoend’s company name was conceived to describe the limitless possibilities that knowledge can bring to the world.

The Cit Table series is a line of multiconfiguration tables that comes in 3 (or more) set ups. The concept is to create versatile furniture pieces that can easily change with mood or function desired. The Cit A table converts from a low table, to two stools, to a side table. Like simple puzzles, these tables offer flexibility and interactivity. The Cit Tables will be available in FSC-certified wood or other sustainable board material and produced by Organo Natural Furnishings.

The Bean Rocker series (Winner of the 2009 iF Product Design Award) is an exploration in dynamic and flexible ways of inhabiting our spaces. The lightweight design of the bean rockers makes them easy to move, store, and use in a variety of applications. The rocking seats are adaptable to many body types and shapes with four different models.

Also check out their useful resource page on eco design..

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The furniture shown is very functional and attractive. Very nice idea.

Jon – Create Unique Memories

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