The Artist Formerly Known As Consumer

Who Are You?
It is time I asked the question, how do you refer to yourselves as Ponoko users?
do you use prosumers, prod-users, co-creators, semi-professional, pro-am, artist, designer, hacker, DIYer, jeweler or consumer?

Do you see your designs as user generated, personalized, customized, original, hacked, subversive, craft, hi-tech, cutting edge, empowered, prototypes or a hobby?

Are the objects you produce primarily for you or do you design them with the intent to sell/share?

If you have produced or submitted your own designs do you also buy other peoples designs in the Ponoko Showroom (or Etsy or whatever)???
I would love to know your thoughts and what drives you to use Ponoko to make it real..

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“User” for self-interested product development to be sold online eventually.

makes sense. Once it is sold online do you then become a produser?

Great questions Duann. Completely apart from writing for Ponoko, I actually consider myself a “supporter”. I have purchased quite a few things from Etsy. I also only by books and music from either local stores or, more often than not, from people selling USED ones on Amazon’s marketplace. Support for me comes in the form of using Ponoko’s service, ordering things made by independent designers, writing about them, buying anonymous people’s used stuff, going to yard sales, etc.

It’s ‘Post-industrial Designer’ all the way for me Duann!

My designs are simply open and appropriate designs and are both for selling and sharing.

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