Cell Cycle 3D Printed Jewelry

By Algorithmic Artisans NERVOUS SYSTEM

Inspired by the complex forms of radiolarians (amoeboid protozoa that produce intricate mineral skeletons), where intricate pattern is integral to structure, these shapes derive from a simulation of spring meshes which form mirrored catenoid surfaces. Nervous System have created interactive software to morph, twist, and subdivide each design, transforming a simple mesh to a complex patterned structure.

The final design is built up layer by layer in durable nylon plastic using Selective Laser Sintering, a kind of 3D printing. These forms would be impossible to create by traditional manufacturing methods. The process imparts the pieces with a coral-like texture, while the slight flexibility of nylon and airy design.

Pictured above is the 2-layer twist ring, but many more interesting designs are available on their site including nylon bracelets, and stirling silver rings produced using 3D printed in wax then cast in silver using lost wax casting. Available in other sizes and materials by request.

To learn more about their algorithmic design process take a look around their site. Fantastic work from one of the leading proponents of intelligent jewelry design using emerging technology practices.

Jesse Louis-Rosenberg, and the design firm Nervous System have been mentioned a few times on the Ponoko Blog if you are interested in looking back on some of their previous work..

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AH! You’re so prolific! Good job Duann.

thanks for the mention duann. we should have an applet out soon so people can make their own. I’m surprised you picked one of the simplest pieces.

I am a simple kinda guy,
I would LOVE to try out the applet, please let me know as soon as it is available.

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