Request your own materials

We’ve done all of the hard work for you.

With our Designmake Prime service you can request any material you want! And if we can source and make it, it’s yours!

This is a great way to do something different and stand out from the crowd.

Importantly if you only need a small P1 size, you only pay for that small bit. You DO NOT need to buy a huge sheet from the supplier – we’ll do that for you. As always, there’s no minimum orders with us.

Anyhow, as you probably know it can be a real pain finding the materials you want.

So we’ve saved you the agony and compiled a materials guide for you to choose from.

And when you’ve found the one you love, just follow the materials request process outlined in your Prime account.



Cotton (and other fabrics) – see – Fabric.

Felt – for more colors than we currently supply go choose from – Aetna Felt and FilzFelt.

Polyester Felt – see – McMaster Carr.

Polypropylene Felt – see – McMaster Carr.

Leather – check out Wickett-CraigPrime Tanning and Buckskin Leather.


BalsaBasswood, Cherry, Mahogany, Walnut – see – Midwest.

Cork– see Jelinek.

Melamine MDF – see – PrimePanels.

Veneers – see 18 finishes from American Cherry to Swiss Pear at – HTS.

Bamboo veneer – see – Plyboo.

Bamboo plywood – see – Plyboo.


Acrylics – see – Rowmark.

Metallic plastic – see – Rowmark.

Delrin acetal – see Amazon and Professional Plastics.

Designer plastics – see ArchplasticsLumicor and check out the laminates section at Kova.

Polyshrink plastic – see Lucky Squirrel.

Synthetic leather – see Longding.

ABS – see Professional Plastics.

Teflon – see Professional Plastics.

Mylar polyester – see Professional Plastics.

HDPE – see Professional Plastics.

Laserable magnets – see Rowmark.


Rubber – see Rubber & Foam.

Silicone rubber – check out MTIRubberSheetRollStockwell and McMaster Carr.

Neoprene – see RubberSheetRoll and Professional Plastics.

Gum Rubber – see RubberSheetRoll.

Latex – see Professional Plastics.


Paper Stock – see Mr French.

Synthetic Paper – see Polyart and YUPO USA.

Card Stock – see The Paper Mill Store.


Request the thickness you’d like from the selection here.

So now you can go crazy!

And after you’ve requested a material and made something from it, we’ll then add it to the public catalog so you can order it online with no worries into the future.

And btw, just let us know about other materials by leaving the specific website URL below.

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Olivier Ozoux

While I love all of the ideas people have had to make jewelry from plastic, wood and metal, it would be great if casting wax was an option.

I have a few projects where I would love to have a piece of hard casting wax laser cut into the components I need, which I could then finish into a piece that’s ready to cast into silver gold or other precious metals that would be too costly to laser cut directly.

This is a good example of casting wax material that would be perfect for laser cutting.

This is sooo cool! Thanks peoples!

that would be excellent. i just sent plastic pieces to my caster. going strait to wax would be perfect!

Oh my gosh, exciting!

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