The Pain of the Corporate Product Design Model

Avoid the Pain with Ponoko

If anyone has ever been involved in Industrial Design, Interior Design or Architecture for a large (or even mid sized) corporation you will know the pain of an incredibly slow process punctuated by hours of mind numbing meetings where an original concept is diluted beyond recognition by accounts, engineering, marketing, middle management, upper management, directors and the weird guy who is either in the IT department or servicing the coffee machine.

Core77, bastion of all thing ID and cool, recently posted an article on the Painful Process of Product Development that is worth reading, and links to another article on Product Design and Development blog that outlines some concepts surrounding the product development process from the viewpoint of a project manager, not a designer.

Now Ponoko Makers have the ability to bypass this nightmare and get their products straight to market where their designs are judged by consumers, peers & bloggers…. The profits, freedom and recognition are yours but with empowerment comes responsibility as you have to put YOUR money where your mouth is (unless you receive a Ponoko Makers Grant)..

via Core77 via PDDNet

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Ponoko Team

Awesome post

This is why when you see regular toys, they all look the same! I never thought of it in the terms you have presented, but makes total sense now.

Jon – Create Unique Memories

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