Maker grants – apply now

Want to show your creativity at your favorite event/s?

Whether it’s a local fair or an international gig, we’ll help you get there with FREE making, materials and/or shipping!

In return you’ll display some Ponoko cards, take some photos and write a story telling us all about it.

Just let us about your plans – about you, your product and the event:

About you
What’s up?

Your product
What do you have in mind? And what are the normal costs to make it with us (making + materials + shipping)? 

The event
What, where, when, how many people?

Just email this info to us here: … and we’ll get right back to you with details of your grant.

Happy days.

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Rock on
That really is a great way to spread the love

very very good initiative … everyting is inside from DIY to story telling … great

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