Maker grants – apply now

Want to show your creativity at your favorite event/s?

Whether it’s a local fair or an international gig, we’ll help you get there with FREE making, materials and/or shipping!

In return you’ll display some Ponoko cards, take some photos and write a story telling us all about it.

Just let us about your plans – about you, your product and the event:

About you
What’s up?

Your product
What do you have in mind? And what are the normal costs to make it with us (making + materials + shipping)? 

The event
What, where, when, how many people?

Just email this info to us here: … and we’ll get right back to you with details of your grant.

Happy days.

9 Responses to “Maker grants – apply now”

  1. Duann Says:

    Rock on
    That really is a great way to spread the love

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    […] Now Ponoko Makers have the ability to bypass this nightmare and get their products straight to market where their designs are judged by consumers, peers & bloggers…. The profits, freedom and recognition are yours but with empowerment comes responsibility as you have to put YOUR money where your mouth is (unless you receive a Ponoko Makers Grant).. […]

  3. UnSigne Says:

    very very good initiative … everyting is inside from DIY to story telling … great

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  5. Ponoko Blog Says:

    […] wants to help all of you hardworking ants out there. You can get the details about applying for a Ponoko Maker’s Grant here. We can help out with materials, making, and shipping. And if you plan on presenting Ponoko goods […]

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    […] of course Ponoko users can apply for the Ponoko Maker Grant to offset the cost of the […]

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    […] and Savannah community designers don’t forget, there’s plenty of time to apply for a Ponoko Maker Grant. And be sure to check out the recent post on the success of grant recipient […]

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    […] Design Market 2009 Currently Accepting Applications October 27 Sell your Wares, Maybe Even With a Ponoko Makers Grant????? The Melbourne Design Market is accepting applications for their December market. The market […]

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    […] evening for nine weeks the streets were closed to traffic for an open air craft and farmers market. Ponoko maker grant recipient Ilene Baranowitz signed up to vend her jewelry line, A New Twist, and her friend’s […]