Lucid Design Laser Cut Signage

3D Signage ala Ponoko

I always love to see the diversity of designs that are realized via Ponoko’s services, especially when the designers/users share their experiences on site such as Make, Instructables or on their own blogs.

A great recent example of this is on Lucid Design’s blog where they share their first use of Ponoko and post the process they went through.

A bit like the painter who never paints his own house, Lucid Design have been without any street signage since they moved into their new studio over a year ago. They decided to create something simple and a bit different than the usual vinyl-cut signage. Ponoko turned out to be an inexpensive and fun way to do it.

They created the artwork in Illustrator, uploaded it to Ponoko, chose their materials and, about a week later, got a little package by courier. Yippee!

Lucid Design is a New Zealand-based graphic design studio with a focus on creative, beautiful, elegant design for web and print. They have a strong commitment to working ethically and sustainably in the materials, resources and processes they use.

Thanks to Lucid Design for sharing their experience and I wish them best of luck with their business.

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