Twitter – it’s not what you can get, but what you can give

And what you can give is … a higher level of service.

Recently we did a bit more thinking about how we should use Twitter. And we decided to use it for providing a higher level of service.

At the start it was tough to know whether were on the right track – until a customer sent us this email …


On 22/04/2009, at 7:14 AM, Tom McNamee wrote:


I’m writing to inform you of a rather extraordinary customer service case handled by Ponoko’s Josh Judkins. Late at night, I wanted to check on my first order to Ponoko, worth about US$ 80. All I had was my iPhone, and I quickly found that I could not log in using it. Nor could I use your ‘contact us’ form. So, being more than a bit petty about it, I bitched via Twitter to my friends, in general about the usability problem, but I did mention @Ponoko.  Mr. Judkins got involved a few hours later.

I had heard that some US ISP’s and cable companies monitored Twitter, but I had no direct evidence that it was part of anybody’s CS program. So imagine my surprise when Mr. Judkins got involved:
1. He apologized for the lack of iPhone support, and indicated it was being considered for the future.
2. He did some research and found my name, then found my Ponoko order (#12377).  Keep in mind I had not said anything about even having an order.
3. He checked my order status and found I had made mistakes on my CAD input.
4. He corrected the mistakes and resubmitted the job.
5. His corrections simplified the design, so he indicated that I was due a refund and said he had started that process.

He did not, however, fly to the US, knock on my door, and personally apologize. As you might expect, I find this inexcusable.

I hope you will take the appropriate action with Mr. Judkins, who, if allowed to continue unchecked, just might earn Ponoko the reputation of having the finest customer service on the planet. I have wasted no time in contacting my Twitter following (all eleven of them), and told everybody else I could find about this experience. Quite simply, it is wonderful to do business with a company such as yours.

Tom McNamee
Tucson, AZ


Of course, we reprimanded Josh appropriately.

You can follow him and us on the Ponoko Twitter stream.

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Ponoko keep on pushing the boundaries

Josh rocks!! I’ve had limited but great experiences with him, too! Thank you Ponoko team! You guys are the best!!! 🙂

josh IS the best. his customer service is unparalleled. i have spoken with him on many of my orders and and he’s very prompt and very helpful. cheers for josh!

Keep up the fine work, gentlemen.

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