How Cerrious Design got Lasercut and Rusty

Or How To Steampunk

Those of you who read the previous post on the Ponoko Blog that showcased Cerrious Design’s rusty Steampunk USB drive may be curious as to how he achieved the effect. Dylan of Cerrious Design has been generous enough to share his technique.

“The project made from the spare cutout parts of some necklaces I made. I knew I could do something with these parts I just didn’t know what yet. I was milling around Michaels Arts & Crafts store and came upon this product from Sophisticated Finishes called Iron Metallic Surfacer and found out the sister product that goes with it called Rust: Antiquing Solution.
I just sat down one day and dumped out all the spare parts and starting playing with them. My USB drive was sitting right next to me and the idea just kinda popped into my head.
Now how specifically do I do it.

Its really pretty easy, well sort of. Its somewhat time consuming, mostly. I use just use regular superglue to apply the parts to the the drives in interesting ways. If your a messy gluer like me don’t worry it will be covered up with the layers of paint we are going to apply. Next use a thick acrylic basecoat like Delta Ceramcoat and apply liberally, we want a nice thick primer basecoat so to help prevent chipping, if you object gets dropped. When the primer is nice and dry apply the Iron Metallic Surfacer from Sophisticated Finishes. The Iron Metallic Surfacer is quite thick and will cover up any brush strokes from the primer. Now for the next step the exciting part where we do the actual rusting, there are a couple different ways to approach this and the Sophisticated Finishes website goes into depth on this here. It takes a bit of experimentation but you get pretty good results from the get-go. I think the moral of this story is to save any extra parts from the cutout when you get your stuff from Ponoko, you never know what you might be able to make!”

Thanks again to Dylan for sharing his rusty method. You can purchase his work from Ponoko, Etsy or his site..
If anyone else has any tricks or techniques they would like to share, submit your story tips either using the link to the right of this post or email (blog at ponoko dot com)

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thanks for sharing! make and share is the bases of the new design era!

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