Shapeways offers Metal 3D printed Cufflinks

Customized cufflinks in 3(d) easy steps

Shapeways has just launched another 3D metal printing service with it’s online Cufflink Creator. The process builds up your cufflink layer by layer in stainless steel. The cufflinks are then infused with bronze and cured. Then a finishing is applied and they are sent off to you. The Custom Cufflinks come in a nice box. The Custom Cufflinks + box + worldwide shipping = U$49 (36.30 Euros or 4,695 Yen).
At the moment the cufflinks are limited to a couple of characters and you cannot choose the font or see a visualisation of the finished piece.
It would be great if you could upload or create a vector file on the site and really generate some truly original designs. But the this is a great initial start.

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