To Be Continued by Julien Carretero

Julien Carretero doesn’t so much design furniture as he does develop a method in which “the object slowly mutates and start designing itself.” His To Be Continued series aims to create uniqueness in each object within mass production. To achieve this, Carretero applies “the repetitive actions existing within the production process as a tool for differentiation.”


“Then each piece produced comes as a result of a process applied on the piece that came before. Each piece is then existing because of the others and couldn’t have been designed without the others. Each layer is casted on top of the one casted before following the exact outline of it. Because of the imperfection of the cast, the object slowly mutates and start designing itself.”


The result of this slight change of form with every layer is like tweening in animation or how you end up with a completely different story at the end of the line when playing a game of telephone. Each piece in the series — which includes a sideboard, coffee table, bench, and cabine — is made from cast polyurethane composite.


To Be Continued is part of the limited edition trend in furniture design, a trend which is covered in a book Duann mentioned on the blog aptly named Limited Edition. So you’ll have to be pretty loaded to have one of these pieces for your own. But if you are loaded, you can purchase either the bench or the coffee table at Moss Online for 18 thousand dollars. If you aren’t rich, maybe you can get an Intern discount. The Julien Carretero Studio is always looking for talented interns, and their studio is inside a church in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Check it out.


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I Love to make coffee.

intern discount on an 18k table is a lot of coffee
You would leave the internship a fully qualified barista with a very unique coffee table to gingerly place your fresh coffee on.


18K… ouch!

Jon – Create Unique Memories

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