Emergency Flat Pack Chair

By D.E. Sellers

Constructed (if that is the right term) from Birch Plywood, The Emergency Chair is a Laser cut panel held together for ease of transport and storage as a 2D image until the moment one needs a chair in a pinch. International assembly instructions are laser etched on the seat surface. No fasteners necessary only a rubber mallet needed for assembly.

Houston-based D E Sellers is an accredited award winning designer with a degree in architecture. His designs are inspired by the simplicity and functionality of his material. Combining conceptual sensitivity with technical expertise, d e Sellers seeks to transform modern materials into sculptural forms creating a unique design approach to furniture composition.

Also worth checking out is his Single Panel Series, based on the idea to find the basic relationship of proportion between humans and the most common size of building material available. The SP1 Chaise Lounge is my favorite example of the series.

Or check out his gallery here and Next Designers..

Found Via Core77

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