In Store: Goods for and from the Garden

<3 I am completely in love with the summertime. So in the spirit of this love, here’s a list of some things to give, grow, and glorify a garden.

Say what you mean on a bean. Words are laser etched on a seed, and the message is revealed when it sprouts!
for sale at A+R for $16


Stake out the garden with butterflies, birds, and flowers while ants stake out the picnic.
from NotNeutral; $38 for three stakes, $24 for four napkin rings


Hypo-allergenic and maintenance free Atomic Bonsai tree.
just $20 at Wishing Fish


Nature meets geometry. I’ve mentioned Layer by Layer before, but there are a few new things in store.
layerbylayer etsy site $6–$95

A flat-pack feeder for the birds.
at for $25


For urban loving apartment dwellers, the Haisui houses a vernacular garden that can sit on your desk.
available at Generate for $45


Best wishes burst forth from new Bloom pop up cards.
by Tahmineh Javanbakht and Clara von Zweigbergk  for Artecnica; $105 for fifteen cards


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