Rocket Surgery or Jewellery Science

Like Clark Kent and Superman, Jekyll and Hyde, Spiderman and whatever his normal name is, It’s Not Exactly Rocket Surgery is the creative outlet of Gold Coast based science PhD student Nicole. Selling Science-Inspired Jewelry, Shirts & Cards for Cool Nerds.

Aren’t they all.

Items for sale on her Etsy store include A BRAIN- THE PERFECT ACCESSORY silver necklace from her Neuroscience Series shown above and FRANKENSTEIN ROMANCE silver Heart Necklace from her Old World Science Series, shown below

Necklace features a high quality silver-plated chain, silver-plated elegant lobster clasp, and silver-plated jumpring components. Pendant is lightweight white acrylic printed & cut cut by hand.

For more check out her blog or her other Etsy Store specializing in Gorgeous vintage princess prom dresses, bags & jewelry.

I am sure that someone as prolific as Nicole could generate some great designs using Ponoko’s services.

Found via That Unreliable Girl who turned out to be quite reliable in this instance.

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