AWA Furniture by Nosigner

Linking Tokushima Furniture Past to Present

NOSIGNER who we have previously mentioned on the Ponoko Blog has now produced a new furniture brand, AWA.

‘AWA’ products are produced by collaborative work with wood craft workers in Tokushima prefecture in Japan. The brand name ‘AWA’ is the name of Tokushima in old times. This is the project which connects longtime craft hands to the future with a similar bent to the work of Paul Loebach with his Vase Space etc.

The subtle, beautiful and simple strength of TRUSS uses triangle structures to increase strength whilst reducing mass. The Shelf, pillars and column plates were made with three boards, which made a triangle shape. The sharp edge of triangle made by the truss structure realized very thin look from the front face. Designed in collaboration with Motobayashi Furniture.

Other designs include Tr/Sq/Rh, their shapes are triangle, square and rhombus.
Each box has magnet on sides and by combining a few of them, you can
make a geometrically beautiful shape autonomously and make larger structure as if material structures combined with a few of elements to be seen in chemical formula.

Tr/Sq/Rh designed with Tsuboi Wood Craft.

Check out more at NOSIGNER

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