Online DIY Pillow Design

Now you can design your own pillow using Inmod’s Pillow Design Studio. Choose from over 50 themed patterns and fine-tune your favorite color schemes. Design an entire pillow collection.
Using a web-based Flash Application, Inmod, has launched a custom pillow design service that will allow people to design pillows and order pillows in a flash – all from the semi-comfort of home (assuming you do not have any pillows yet).

Visitors who want something unique but don’t want to design pillows themselves can utilize the Design Shuffle feature that generates a design combination completely at random. While users may design a single pillow, Inmod’s selection is robust enough to enable the creation of entire collections for complete home design. Collections can be added to the cart for purchase or saved and re-accessed at a later date. Custom pillows join design-your-own bedding, fiberglass ball chairs, and stereo egg chairs in Inmod’s exclusive Design Studio.

Here is what design shuffle landed me for $50..

via Trendhunter

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