Burning Books for Art

Kate MccGwire and the Art of Burning Paper
London based artist Kate MccGwire and winner of the 2008 Heart of Glass award recently had a show at Art Chicago 2009 that included her work entitled Insular, shown below.
I can only assume that Kate used a laser cutter to create the works or she is incredibly patient.

It is always great to see an artist’s use of materials whereby function can take a back seat to aesthetics and more obscure meaning. This can always feed into the design process to create objects that can have layered meanings and uses.

via pan-dan

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Isn’t that what they tried to do with the archives of the Alexandrian library? 😉 This has got to be made with a laser, I don’t see the depth and precision being shown possible with match sticks.

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Thanks for mentioning. I’ll be at Art Chicago this weekend; I’ll keep my eye out for Kate’s work.

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