Lateral Architecture


Lola Sheppard and Mason White founded Lateral Architecture in 2002. The seven year old firm has conceived an eclectic portfolio of buildings, urban spaces, installations and exhibitions. Their work serves as inspiration for how disparate elements can come together in an aesthetic and functional whole.



‘Clearing’ is an installation that explores personal and personalized space. “A dense field of over 4000 elastomeric strings run from top to bottom across a tight grid of perforated metal panels. As an occupant navigates the field they take with them a acrylic collecter tool that allows them to manipulate the density of the space.”



‘Thick2D’ utilizes material thickness to create functional space for various domestic uses. Circular depths in the table surface act as organizing catch-alls and give visual interest. Layers of felt make expandable shelving and storage. Stacked foam forms adjustable seating.


Color-coded plexiglass files make archiving, ordering, and organizing documents a creative and flexible process when using the ‘Withdrawing Cabinet’. The holes in the colored tabs can be assigned a seperate organizing structure from the colors which allows for complex and layered visual groupings of withdrawn files.


This garden installation is about more than the beauty seen above the surface. ‘Soil Horizon’ places emphasis on the composition of dirt, sediment, water, and organic matter that supports living plants.

Many of the projects from Lateral Architecture could be executed or prototyped with simple laser cutting and assemply. Of course you need a great concept, but creating large-scale installations isn’t impossible for a designer just beginning to make their mark. And as previously mentioned, laser cutting is great for architectural models like L.A.’s ‘Pause/Play’ Pedestrian Bridge.


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That bridge is neat… nice idea!

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