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Ideas On Air is a blog project that shares one concept every month, free for the taking. Some concepts are potential new business ideas, such as the latest “” which proposes renting works of new media art to be played as ambiance for business meetings, conventions, or other space-specific events. Other ideas are more ars gratia artis than practical solutions, like the “Essential Language” symbolic alphabet with which words are made from concentric colored circles.


Some ideas are just daydreams that make you pause and smile, like the “Web Sit In” or text messages that appear in the sky. And some are simply great thought-provoking questions:

Why do digital artists still call themselves artists? Why is the name “artist” linked to the practice of being an artist in the information age? Why does “the digital experience” still need to pass through the concept of art to express itself?

My personal favorite is the suggestion of renaming streets after websites, “joining the real world with the “www” into a double psycho-geographic experience“.

onair3 has been in progress since October of 2002 and welcomes you in the author’s manifesto: “Dear artists, poets, architects, designers, critics, curators and lovers of the trade, if you are short of ideas this is the site for you! And if you decide to put any of these ideas into practice, you can join the ranks of others who have realized works inspired by Ideas On Air.

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