On Site: Renegade Handmade


On Saturday I decided to check out Renegade Handmade, a boutique for handmade gifts located in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago. I was actually out to purchase some porcelain jewelry by Sofia Masri and came across jewelry lines Orange Slice and Ach Ach Liebling.


Orange Slice offers ornate necklaces and earrings made of laser-cut maple, walnut, and cherry. They’re based in San Francisco and are “committed to being as low impact and as environmentally friendly as possible.” (Please excuse the overdose of feathered edges.)


Ach Ach Liebling, also based in San Francisco, makes pictorial pieces of plastic and hand-cut metals. The ‘Fables’ series includes silhouettes of literary archetypes. (Liebling designer Joanna Petrone earned a degree in literature from Stanford.)


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