User Generated Shapeways calculator

For those of you who are users of Shapeways for your 3D printing needs you must check out a user generated script (for 3D studio max) to calculate pricing, volume and verifies polycount.
Virtox created the script to calculate the price of your object, in the same way the site does it for you, but without the hassle of uploading, waiting etc
The interface, except volume calculation, is updated in realtime.

Features include

Volume in CC
Shapeways price for selected material
Final price including VAT, markup


VAT selection
Target Pricing – Calculates scale which will meet target price
Scaled Pricing – Calculate price based on scaling
Polycount warning/bailout if over 500.000

You can download the script here

This is a great example of a user contributing to a community of peers to enable them to realise their own designs that little bit easier.

nice work Stijn van der Linden

via Fabaloo

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