How To Oven Form Laser Cut Acrylic

Philly based ID student Kiki Brown Bear has just posted a great little article on Instructables for How To Oven Form Acrylic using her Ponoko flatware as an example. As well as the step by step instructions she has posted a YouTube Video.
If anyone else is posting any Ponoko based Instructables please let us know so that we can promote the sharing of your insight into making.

Also do not forget the Epilog Challenge 2009 on Instructables where you can WIN AN EPILOG LASER CUTTER!

Thanks Kiki Brown Bear

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  1. Ponoko Blog Says:

    […] on from a previous post where we used Kiki Brown Bear’s flatware as an example of how to oven form acrylic. Another […]

  2. Alysia Van Camp Says:

    You might not want to cook food in it after:) However there are several safe methods you can use.

  3. Ponoko Blog Says:

    […] carcinogens for your craft In previous post we have shown you How-To do all manner of things from form acrylic in a domestic oven to how to get a rusty metallic effect on plastic parts. The basic fundamentals of Ponoko alchemy. […]

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