Win 100 design/make challenges in 2009!

Can we do it?

So far this year we’ve sponsored challenges for Core77 and Instructables. Who else can we work with to run design/make challenges for you to enter to win some great prizes and recognition?

Win a $250 making voucher
Just list your favorite communities for us to sponsor to run design/make challenges for you this year.

These communities may be places where designers, makers, crafters, hackers, artists, technologists and other creative people hang out. They may also be design companies you admire. Or design schools, TV shows, or design store retailers.

They may also be anyone you feel could benefit from digital and on-demand manufacturing — like hobby and enthusiast communities.

And what about companies who already design fantastic products — who do you know may want to open their doors to a worldwide network of amazing design talent?

Just tell us your list and describe why they are such a great candidate and you’ll go into the draw to win $250 worth of making for free.

To enter: You can go for it in the comments section below, or email us: service-at-ponoko-dot-com

Entries close: 10pm Tuesday March 10th 2009 PST.

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These are where I spend a lot of time:

These places have lots of creative people hanging out!!!

Ponoko Team

Excellent. – supports indie artists

MOMA design store
Craft Zine (website)
Make Magazine

oh and why they are so great.

MOMA design store ( educated shoppers and fellow designers )
Etsy ( We all know that one everyone makes something )
Craft zine ( Creative crafters galore)
Make Zine ( Name describes itself tech savvy makers of all kinds)

Jeff Kalinoski

Here are some of the ones I suggest:

– – a really great design site that’d probably be pretty receptive to the concept of such a challenge

– – they do a lot of photoshop contests, but they’re constantly posting design & technical objects… this might be a good opportunity for them

– – a packaging design website with some very innovative & cool product designs



– make magazine (or just the blog, – this one seems like an obvious choice- it’s for people addicted to things like ponoko 🙂

– – this is another do-it-yourself community tailored to saving time & effort in all areas of life through cool tricks. i could totally envision them having a competition for any number of interesting things.

lastly, you may want to also consider Dwell and ID magazines. they’re both oozing with creativity.

Hope that helps!

Make Magazine
Craft Magazine
Deviant Art
Design Milk

Ooh and I think this would be a great idea to get to Google and have them put something together with their sketchup software (which is what I use to design products).

Another great place would be moo – I use their cards for packaging my stuff so it may be a good match there too.

This is a pretty active community of hobby and research Robot builders. The best hobby Robots are often build with laser cut chassis and parts.

Massey University and VUW Industrial design schools.

I was a student @ Massey industrial design school for two years and I really wish you guys had existed then. I even had laser cutting quotes for one project that was well over $100 and I just couldn’t afford it, at the time. The same project would be an affordable $20-40 on Ponoko.

Definitely – there are so many people within the etsy community who would be interested in Ponoko, but it hasn’t had enough exposure there yet. There are a lot of crafters making pendants etc from plastic and there are heaps of designers there who are interested in making original products. There are quite a few artists on that site who would also be interested, and a lot would already have designs that could be easily converted. The Australian version of etsy. This would be great for the same reasons as etsy, but the NZ location would also make the site appealing. If targeting the Aussie market, it would be great to have prices displayed in AU$ (if that’s not an option already).


HypeBeast –

Frank151 –

ToyQube –

How about LiveJournal? It has relatively high user numbers, and there are certainly enough geeky/crafty people (the perfect combination for Ponoko, I’d think) connecting in that environment.

I’d also love to see — though this isn’t actually online — contests at Speculative Fiction conventions. Again, it’s a great place to find people who would jump at the chance to break stuff down and build it from laser-cut bits! Although it’s not one I attend, Penguicon would seem an obvious first choice for this.

ben walker

my favorite communities are ones like:
and, of course,

i like these ones because they update a lot, they have lots of good content, they show you how to do the stuff really well, and they have all sorts of cool projects.

Platform 21
they have a great Repair Manifesto

Chris Hunter


Make Magazine
BUST Magazine
1000 Markets
Venus Magazine

These are just a few of my favorite communities.

On the music side of things, ponoko is great for custom device front panels (Homemade synths, seqs)
also, (Monome panel laser cutting!)

Hector Uvence
Wallpaper Magazine
Azure Magazine Canada.

some guy

I keep trying to post this. Will it work this time?

some guy

Full explanation for the above post is here:

Diana Kreider
Helping handicapped people become useful by find them jobs. They have a printing facility and a restaurant so far.

make, of course, maybe is more appropriate?
might not make sense, but I’m sure people who use openFrameworks use ponoko.
and keep on supporting instructables!

Two great sites would be and I spend lots of time at each site soaking up inspiration, and I never cease to be amazed at the wonderful things people come up with.

A physical organization that I really admire in this field is the Oregon College of Art and Craft ( I have yet to have the pleasure to have taken a class there, but the talent that comes out of that place is pretty astounding.

I can’t wait to see who you team up with next!

Could be great working with some design blogs like Design Sponge or Decor8
they both have big followings of artists and designers.
Design Sponge often has design competitions for its followers

Deviant Art
Apartment Therapy
Heart Handmade
well-known and well-curated design blog that has a loyal readership in the design community and goes out of her way to find and promote the best!
why not??
why not partner to amplify what you can do to one of their product offerings?

ebay could also be an interesting place to try…. is NZ’s version of etsy and has heaps of craftsers (I’m pretty sure some of your clientele are members)
World Sweet World magazine – NZ’s first quarterly alt-indie DIY/MIY/Lifestyle magazine which is the coolest thing and Dan knows all about these guys as his lamp was up for grabs early on for subscribing.

this is also a great way of putting other names out there for all of us to view cos might not have heard of them for inspiration and such – good on u Ponoko!

ReadyMade Magazine.

Thanks everyone! Winner will be announced in the next email newsletter and posted here.

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