How to package products attractively & on a budget

Here are a few cool examples from some Ponoko users:

Jen Murse shows one lovely way to package jewelry.

Chris Jackson makes excellent use of the so-called ‘waste’ materials [by using the whole sheet of Ponoko supplied material as the packaging for the clock face and the various clock parts – check out the 4th image].

Imagine what else you can do – like engrave your logo or assembly instructions, etc. Here’s another example of clever use of the ‘waste’ material (see 4th photo of Bza’s Soundwave Necklace) – he uses it to package the necklace pieces and has cut arrows to show the direction to thread these sound bite pieces onto a chain.

Also Jason Wright-St.Clair shows us a very simple, very effective use of printed card.

You can also check out what Corey and Zach came up with to package their Chandelier …

Here’s the whole thing wrapped up and ready to go – the lamp parts, cord and fittings:
And here’s what you see when you pull the external wrapping off:

And one more for good luck – check out Sebastian’s Calendar packaging, it makes good use of our cardboard:



Feel free to share other examples in the comments below …

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I don’t understand what the waste materials are for Chris’ piece. And I would have really liked to know the source of Jen’s packaging.

Ponoko Team

Thanks Shelley. You can contact Jen through her Showroom. And check out photo 4 of Chris’.

For products shipped directly from Ponoko to the customer, would Ponoko ever consider offering a printable sticker for sellers?

For example, Ponoko could have bumper sticker paper (or some other label template) available, and the seller would send them a properly sized graphic. When Ponoko packages the product to ship it, Ponoko would then print out the bumper sticker/label, and stick it on the package.


(for an extra charge, of course – see above)


Ponoko Team

Hi Whystler – we’re looking forward to offering a wider service. But as a small new company, we’re sticking to our knitting for the immediate term. Our ultimate goal is to provide you a fully fledged service to make, sell, assemble, retail-ready package and ship direct to your customers – meaning you do not touch your product after it’s sold unless you want to. One step at a time 😉

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