Sophisticated Felt from Annike Laigo


I’ve been posting about felt quite a bit this month, and I think it has shifted my perception of the material. I’ve always had a creative felt-phobia, this idea that felt was a material for ‘ecclectic’ women in their 50s that like to wear really boxy jackets made by local fiber artists from upholstery fabrics. Do you know what I’m talking about?

But felt has another side, one that’s not for gradeschool dioramas, cat toys, or museum shop scarves that look like sea creatures. Felt can be sophisticated, and Annike Laigo proves it.


1.Spy: cut felt curtain or room divider.  2.Oh! This is Me!: studded wool pillow.  3.3D Stripe: dimensional wool rug.  4.Oh! This is Me!: rivetted carpet.  5.Pebble: giant pebble seating; cover made from wool and flax, stuffed with recycled wool

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