SOUNDS.BUTTER Stereo Sewing Machine


The interactive design group SOUNDS.BUTTER renders songs visible with a programmed sewing machine stereo. The concept behind this prototype was to take the visual data generated by sound and automate a physical representation.


The interactive design studio / duo behind this idea is Patrick Li a.k.a. FULLfat and Ian Gallais a.k.a. LOWfat. Much of their work incorporates sound in unexpected ways, such as an umbrella that uses ultrasonic technology to break the water particles on the fabric so you never have to shake it dry and a flower pot with a wireless microphone that picks up vibrations which are translated into musical notes — allowing someone to play a song by simply tapping on a surface underneath the pot.


Visit the SOUNDS.BUTTER site.

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That is a neat idea, having these patterns in everyday cloths is the next step I guess.

Jon – Create Unique Memories

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