Iti Kitset Customizable Lampshade


For my last lighting post, I’d like to share the latest lighting product from New Zealand based designer David Trubridge. The Iti Kitset contains modular pieces of recyclable polypropylene that can be linked to from a variety of shapes and patterns. There are currently three color combinations available: pink/purple, blue/green, white/grey, but more are on the way.


If you prefer the natural look, there’s also a range of modular lamps made from pine. The David Turbridge website showcases all of these as well as work in furniture and accessories.
via Apartment Therapy


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Why is this your last lighting post? Is it because I don’t speak up and tell you how much I enjoy your blog?

It’s just my last post for the January theme on lighting. This month I’m focusing on textiles. Since my degree is in fibers, I’m really excited about this month for the blog. Thanks for speaking up 🙂

These lights are amazing. I love how flexible design can promote creativity within the customer. I could see my parents playing with these trying to come up with new designs. Great design evokes even better design, and I love how the parameters of this design allow the user a whole new interface with their purchase. I am a design student at Georgia Tech and we have a focus on sustainable design. It is also nice to see that sustainability is going beyond the classroom and the greenwash on the supermarket shelves. The visual of the spherical lamp with seemingly hundreds of “cubes” dancing on the surface is absolutely beautiful. It is simple yet graceful. This is a great post and thank you for sharing a wonderful design with us.

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