Patterns of Light from Sha-Do


Shadows of intricate geometric patterns are cast across the room by the lighting designs of German designer Peter Buning. These lamp screens create ceiling medallions of light. Sha-Do has patterns that range from delicate, lace doilies and traditional quatrefoils to tribal starbursts and concentric mazes.




There is also a series of illuminated canvases that feature both geometric and organic motifs.



Visit the Sha-Do site for more lighting designs and concepts. If you’re interested in purchasing, visit Absolut, the website for Cologne lighting.

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  1. Jon Says:

    These light shades look really cool, they make me think of those spinning lanterns you put in kids rooms to help them fall asleep except these ones aren’t scary!

    Jon – Create Unique Memories

  2. Makerbot Shadow Scuplture « Ponoko – Blog Says:

    […] The outcomes produced through digital manufacturing processes are often forms that dazzle in their intricacy and complexity. Sometimes, however, it is the shadows that these objects cast which brings them to life.  Trevor’s work is the latest example. In the past, we’ve also seen shadow play in Louise Campbell’s laser-cut lampshade, and the intriguing lighting products from sha-do. […]

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