Lighting from De Lucchi’s Laboratori


{ What had started as a small-scale craft-oriented production of experimental projects traced by his pencil very soon proved to be an opportunity to make objects using technologies on the margins of industrial production, but treated within the logic of series. }


Talking about Produzione Privata, the network of design and craft workshops founded by worldly architect Michele De Lucchi. Traditional crafts are practiced by local artisans at the various facilities for producing works in ceramic, glass, metal, marble, wood, and most recently fabric. These skills are paired with contemporary manufacturing techniques to realize the design visions of De Lucchi. Many of the projects in the Produzione Privata catalog are lighting designs.

I think his designs are beautiful, but what I like even more are his wonderful sketches. I wrote before of my Industrial Design sketch-envy, so it’s nice to see product designs rendered loosely in watercolors, colored pencils and paint. Even the navigation at the site is made of little pen sketches.


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