Laser-Cut Lighting at Urban Outfitters


I’m all about supporting individual designers and that all individuals can design. But as far as corporate machines go, it’s hard to find a retail empire that really takes a chance on creativity and delivers goods to the trendsetters the way Urban Outfitters and her sister companies do. And Urbn frequently commissions and carries work from rising designers, such as the Bird Pendant ($50) by Hung Ming Chen of Hommin Studio shown above.

Urban also has their own flat-pack chandelier for $36, but personally I like the Ponoko one more.

And if you’re looking for something more Tord Boontjesque, there’s a $68 derivative Thru the Trees.

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Urban Outfitters has a lot of “derivatives.” :/

Sure they *sometimes* work with designers, but it seems they also like to lift designs at their leisure.

Check out if yr interested.

Thanks for sharing Danielle. There are definitely some wrong practices going on. But it’s hard to flat out hate them. I know quite a few girls who are the visual merchandisers for the stores, and it’s a pretty great job to create installations. And I know one girl who was hired as an illustrator, and all of the work she contributes to them is original. From what I have heard though, the pay to internal designers is a little insulting considering how much original creativity they give to the company.

It’s a shame that their chandlier is $36, and the Ponoko one is $280. That’s a huge difference. How do they do it?

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