VW Crowd-source Car Design

VW recently had a contest to design the next iconic Volkswagen car. The winners and other finalists have been announced at the VW site. There were three categories: professional designer, fan designer and an overall vote by readers in each category. The results are Farfegnugen!
vw winner
above is the winner in the professional category.
vw winner fan
and the “fan” category.

Now it may just be me but when I think of a crowd-sourced car I always think of it being reduced to the lowest common denominator, like the Homer which sent the car company in the Simpons bankrupt, no too dissimilar to the state of the automotive industry in the U.S. & Australia.

Good Luck V.W.

Via Trendhunter

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I vote for the Simpson car/truck… seems like the most functional to me!

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Is it just me or do none of the designs seem at all practical, not to mention totally un-VW like? Then again, maybe that was the point. I’ve always thought VW designs (especially the rabbit and the bug) teetered on the edge of terminally cute — then again, they have “fun” scores in the 60’s on http://www.carfunfootprint.com so what do I know. Maybe the winner from the professional category can be called “The Badger” or some such other vermin, since that seems to be the trend.

Oh, and that simpsons ep is a classic…the horn plays “La Cucaracha”!

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