In a previous post we looked at a few pieces from the Superprototype exhibition as part of 100% Design Tokyo but there was one I left out that I just want to post as is…

here goes.
taps 2


unction: Hanger
size: W360 x H230 x T5mm
material: Acrylic / Polycarbonate


On a rainy day
I was going to go to cinema, but I decided not to.
Rainy weather lose my energy to go out so I was just looking outside without thinking.
I can see a Taps hanging on the pole in the garden, getting all wet
I took a long look at the “Taps”, see the rain comes down, through the hunger and dripping from the end of the taps.
!drip again and again!
looking at it makes depressed rainy day a little happier.

Explanatory note

“Taps” is a open air hunger shaped as tap.
Hunger itself is inclining gently so the water run through it slowly to the end of the tap and drip a rain drop.
Washing is not hanging on a rainy day but the hunger is always hanging outside.
Using that ordinary state, give a little change to the hunger makes the depressed rainy weather day can be a smiley rainy day.

by Shusuke Umiyama of MicroWorks