Holograms for the Holidays

Finally! A service that let’s you upload photos and prints them out as holograms. And that service is Snapily. They’re a digital printing company that offers customized greeting cards, invitations, notebooks and business cards. Imagine a business card that has the company name turn into your name with the twist of a wrist… it could be cool.


The potential for holographic printing lends itself to at least three pretty neat possibilities. By having two images on one surface, changing the viewing angle of the card would create a morphing effect. The Snapily site has an animation that demonstrates a mother’s face morphing into that of her baby. It’s really freaky looking. But it would be awesome to do the same thing with your own face and the face of some girl you have a crush on and give it to her for Valentine’s Day. Or your boss’ boss with the face of a clown. Or a monster. There’s a lot of great things you could do.

Another possibility is creating a 3D effect by having the background change slightly and the foreground stay the same, as in the family beach photo below.


The final option isn’t ready yet, but it’s coming soon. Action sequences! It actually lets you upload a video clip and have the frames printed so that the card is completly animated. Like having a flip book on a single surface.


Snapily is having a Christmas sale of 15% off all orders. It may be a little late to send out Christmas cards, but don’t forget about post-present thank you notes. THANK morphing into YOU. Hmm?

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Fantastic find, thank you so much. I’ve been wanting to do this for years. I think the term for it is Lenticular Optic involving a ridged plastic “lens” glued to the face of two or more interlaced (sliced/alternating) images rather than hologram technically. Very cool indeed.

Thanks Shelley. Yeah, don’t holograms pop out at you in rainbow colors or something? I went to the Museum of Holography here in Chicago once, but it had no educational value so I didn’t really learn anything.

Just lenticulars also they don’t let you use more then two pictures while it should handle more. And hologram effect is not new in lenticular. Only thing is that they are bringing it to the masses with low quantities for affordable prices.

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