BMW Multi Touch Customization Tool

The BMW Product Navigator, uses Microsoft’s Surface computer, to allow potential customers hand-pick options, then see a computer-generated video of their future car in action.

By placing sample tabs on the screen, customers can add features like wheels, interior components, colour and upholstery in designing their customized BMW. Users can also use Microsoft’s multitouch Surface gestures to rotate, move, and enlarge on-screen images.
Instead of showing the usual computer-generated image of a customized car, the program produces a video. The video, which is shown to users on a separate computer screen hung on a wall, shows the customer how their car will look from the inside and outside while being driven.
The results of each configuration a customer comes up with can then be printed, e-mailed, or saved to a USB drive to take home.
BMW has posted a video on Web site and YouTube of Franz Wimmer, innovation manager at BMW Group, demonstrating how the Surface device works.

Once again multi-touch interface aside this really is just a slick way of ticking a box. Not real consumer design like Ponoko, OpenMoko and etc.

Via Trendhunter/Cnet

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