Because We Can Make Flat Pack Xmas Trees

Xmas is fast approaching and it is time to start thinking about xmas trees, presents and office parties.
xmas tree 2
Because We Can may just be able to help out with 2 of 3 with their Tiny Xmas Trees.
Available in four different designs or the complete set the Tiny Wooden Xmas Trees are made of 100% sustainably harvested American Maple. They stand 2 1/2 feet tall. Perfect for your table decoration! These ship and store flat. Each tree has seven pieces that easily slot together. The Bundle pack is U$120 or U$40 each.
xmas tree 3xmas tree 4
Or perhaps you can try for some other xmas treat in the Ponoko Showroom.

2 Responses to “Because We Can Make Flat Pack Xmas Trees”

  1. Jon Says:

    These are very nice looking…

    Jon – Create Unique Memories

  2. Ponoko Blog Says:

    […] The concept comes from Chicago design studio Cloud Gate Design LLC. Twenty of these trees were donated to the Chicago Children’s Memorial Hospital earlier this month. To order one for yourself click here. Trees are $22.95 and 3ft tall by 3ft wide. If you like these, check out the wooden flat pack trees mentioned here last month. //OBSTART:do_NOT_remove_this_comment var OutbrainPermaLink=””; var OB_demoMode = false; if(typeof(OB_Script)!=’undefined’){ OutbrainStart(); }else{ var OB_Script = true; var OB_langJS =””; document.write (“”); } //OBEND:do_NOT_remove_this_comment […]

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