The A-B-C’s of Mass Customization


Normally I wouldn’t just refer to another article without investigating and writing one myself. But if you haven’t checked out the post The A-B-C’s of Mass Customization, I’d go over to Replicator and check it out. It’s basically a list of many of the major players in the MassCustom game.

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I am surprised they didn’t include Ponoko in their listing… what’s wrong with them? 😉

Jon – Create Unique Memories

Ponoko was in the P section behind Joseph Pine (fair enough) Paragon Lake and Puma Mongolian Barbecue.

Will be great to see when replicator get into full swing..

Thanks for understanding Duann, I think Ponoko is awesome, but Joe Pine wrote the book on MC and has been evangelizing it for over a decade now so I thought he should get the top mention in that category!

he could have been put under J for Joseph? 🙂

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